Christmas in Cancun is a Christmas made of tacos

Travel is in addiction in way, once you see a snippet of an exciting different world you don’t live in you can’t help but want to see more. My family is Christian Orthodox, our tree didn’t come out of the box till after boxing day so it only made sense to spend Christmas under the sun with sand in our sandals.

Having been to Mexico  a couple times before Cancun isn’t my first choice, by reputation perhaps, Spring Break is not a motto a live by, but the beach, the ocean, the culture that surrounds it is priceless. And hey, if you look for beauty and adventure you will always find it. You will also find food, some you might want to forget having but mostly fantastic, flavourful, local cuisine. This is a country built on chips and tacos and we like it that way!

There is very little content in staying on the resort all day long (unless your sole purpose of travel is good tan) so as an obvious beginning we explored the Cancun city, got lost in it, wondered around Mercado 28 and ate some fantastic guacamole. But no trip to Mexico is complete without an oversized water park and a visit to the ruins – you really have not seen Mexico unless you touched a thousand year old peace of rock (my preference is to find a huggable one).

As always, there is an #xoCancun hashtag and a handful of photos on Flickr.


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