Six Hours in Washington, DC

During a recent trip to DC a co-worker and I opted in for a later flight after the meeting to spend a day in Washington. While it may have seemed a bit ambitious to see Washington in 6 hours we managed to see quite a bit.

The key to exploring Washington in a rush is a car and an open mind. And a map off course. The only solid plan we had was dinner at Jaleo so the rest was based on proximity. Luckily Washington is not very big. Having parked between the restaurant and the White House we walked around the city, blended into the tourist crowd by the White House fence, and walked over to the Washington Monument. Driving over a few blocks towards the restaurant we took a quick stop to wander around the Supreme Court of the United States, United States Capitol, and the Library of Congress – all in lovely walkable proximity!

Note: July is a hot month in DC, you might even get a sunburn but it makes for an undoubtedly beautiful time of the year to explore the city on foot.

And now on to the main destination – Jaleo DC. Located in DC’s Penn Quarter the restaurant features authentic Spanish tapas in the comfort of bright and friendly décor. The menu is filled with exquisite dishes carefully created by chef José Andrés. Best thing you can do is to order a handful of plates, it might be too much but not trying a selection might result in some regret.

To see the adventure through Instagram look up #xoWashington.