I will be first to admit that my skincare routine often slips while I am traveling, which is fairly often. So when I’m home, and my life is absorbed by the everyday realities, the importance of managing my skin floats back up to the top. Skincare is an incredibly important factor in daily self-care. While I do not particularly claim to have a beauty niche obsession it is something I think about a lot. So perhaps it is maybe time to introduce the skincare category to this blog. I will start it with an event I had the pleasure to attend today.

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Stoic Beauty is a mother/daughter-owned Canadian cosmetics business focusing specifically on water-safe skincare products. These might not be common terms in your skincare vocabulary or at the top of your shopping considerations (yet) but I imagine words like ‘clean beauty’ or ‘toxin free,’ ’natural,’ and ‘organic’ might be up there. Water-safe, at least through the lens of Stoic Beauty, is all of those things with an added layer of marine life conservation. The reality is, a lot of our cosmetics contain medical ingredients that wash off and have a life of their own at the bottom of the ocean. The micro-toxins, so to say, have a big impact on corals and marine vegetation, so it is safe to assume, they might not be the best ingredients for us either. 

Learning about clean skincare Stoic Beauty, in this image founders joined by guests discussing their business

Hearing how this entire unintuitive came to life from the co-founders, Maria Wodzinska and Dr. Jolanta Wodzinska, themselves was really cool and insightful. Maria heads up the brand vision while Dr. Jolanta is hands-on with research and development (aka, she is the chef). The interest in creating more natural skincare products was at first really only about making things for themselves. But the recent pandemic inspired the duo to take this project on full-time.

They tested 800 various cosmetic ingredients in search of those that fit their very strict clean and water-safe criteria. It was a challenge but one they managed to overcome as a team. Their current lineup includes a range of products from oils to exfoliators and even belly butter. All of the products were vigorously tested for preservative efficacy and water safety. The collection is inspired by nature, made in small batches in a lab from carefully and ethically sourced materials. 

Skincare requires a lot of packaging. One of their ongoing initiatives is making sure that the packaging leaves minimal to zero footprints on the environment. The outer packaging is compostable (some parts of it a seed paper that will bloom into local field flowers!). The jar labels are waterproof so you can return all of the containers for reuse. The bits that are hard to replace (ie pumps) are in constant R&D for improvement. 

As guests of the lunch and learn, which was a wonderful and spiritual event. We are all given an opportunity to try their new Thalassa Hydrating Face & Scalp Serum, stay tuned for first impressions.

Stoic Beauty shelves with Thalassa Hydrating Face & Scalp Serums lined up
Stoic Beauty sustainable packaging samples
Learning about clean skincare with a Stoic Beauty team member performing a chemical demonstration

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  1. Big fan of this clean beauty concept, looking forward to your feedback on the trial. Also yes, keep going with skincare, I’m here for it 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Becca!

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