Hard to tell if this is a passing passion but I have finally returned to being that pre-pandemic person who gets excited about dressing up. During the lockdown days there were a lot of skincare concerns, with the lack of sun and fresh air my skin took a toll and it was a long journey to recovery.

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So here we are, dressing up for nights out, experimenting with makeup, and playing with bright lipstick. All these return-to-normal changes made me want to learn how to ‘make up’ better. I’ve been taking a MasterClass* for the latter, Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty*. Bobby leans towards a natural look, which I am also a fan of. Bobby also made me reconsider my makeup staples. I used to only work with foundation and powder but all this new Bobby-knowledge lead me to purchase a couple of new things: a liquid bronzer and a concealer. Yes I know, those things are staples for many people. But for many of us who do not like to spend an hour on our faces certain steps fall through the cracks. 

Bobby says “you can leave your house without foundation, but never without the concealer,” and I now understand why. I also think I will spend much less money on the foundation now that I am not trying to fix everything with it. And the best part, even with the new steps my basic makeup routine still takes roughly just 15 minutes. 

This new product quest was an opportunity timed well with The Body Shop’s new Edelweiss*product lineup release so I ended up finding everything in one place. After all, makeup is just the final piece, the piece that often leaves the skin dehydrated and tiered. Here are some Body Shop products that I have tried, tested, and am currently loving. 

I’ve also been playing with photography (yes, also inspired by MasterClass*), testing light, and playing with new staging props, let me know what you think of this set with flowers 🙂

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Drops of Sun Bronzing Drops

At first, this liquid bronzer is quite dark but once you work it in it creates a healthy, natural-looking glow. I have a very pasty complexion, especially in the winter months (which there are many of in Canada), so this is a nice find. You can blend it with foundation, moisturizer, or apply it on its own. 

Having now been using this for over a month I


Vitamin C Concealer*

Lightweight concealer enriched with Vitamin C, soft and non-cakey, easily conceals blemishes, spots, and those dark circles under the eyes you can never get rid of. Comes in 20 shades from Fair to Rich for a darker skin complexion. Sustainable bonuses: 100% recyclable glass bottle, certified by The Vegan Society, and made with 95% ingredients of natural origin.


Edelweiss Liquid Peel*

Gel-to-peel exfoliator with pollution-clearing ingredients. Also made with 95% ingredients of natural origin and requires only two pumps to exfoliate the skin. Edelweiss is a powerful little flower that grows in high altitudes. As an ingredient is beneficial on multiple levels: it is packed with antioxidants which, I learned, are 43% more powerful than retinol, leaving your skin enriched, healthy, and smoother-looking.

See the entire Edelweiss lineup here*. I tested the Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate* and Edelweiss Intense Smoothing Day Cream,* both of which were light and airy, with a soft scent. 


Tea Tree Targeted Gel*

Spot treatment for blemishes and breakouts enriched with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya. Comes with a soft little wand it is an easy-to-apply, quick-drying gel solution. This little guy is now coming with me everywhere. 


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