I don’t typically gravitate to solo travel but the summer in Toronto has not been the best this year. So on a spur of the moment, I picked a warm place nearby and booked a 2-night, 3-day vacation in Fort Lauderdale by the Sea. This was my first time in Florida so I had no expectations and for some reason, most people were slightly puzzled by my choice. But I’ve heard good things and quite enjoyed my quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale by the Sea.

Here in this little corner of Florida, everything was perfectly suited to what I was looking for: a relaxing weekend in the sun and some great seafood. Outside of Fort Lauderdale by the Sea, things seemed to be different. The resorts are bigger, the streets are busier, there are way more cars on the roads, and the restaurants are way emptier. But here, the sand was soft and buttery, a gentle breeze was a welcome break from the heat, and the nights were dark and quiet. Perfect for a quick solo getaway.

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A quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale by the Sea: palms and blue sky

Some of my favourite things from that weekend

Plunge Hotel Lauderdale by the Sea*

In full transparency, I did very little research on the hotel or the area. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision and this place seemed nice. It turned out to be wonderful and in a great location which really made the weekend an amazing one. Read more about the hotel here.

Anglins Fishing Pier:

At the entrance, it’s a divey outdoor bar with live music (the singer takes requests  ) and a basic drink selection. Past the bar is the entrance to the fisherman’s boardwalk which you can explore at the low cost of $2. The boardwalk is very colorful and offers a great view of the beach. There is a shaded sitting area at the top where you can spend quite a bit of time enjoying the view.

A quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale by the Sea: Anglins fishing pier

Aruba Beach Cafe

Surrounded by a mix of bars and restaurants this area is also an entrance to a public beach. The beach amenities are cheerfully decorated with all sorts of sea-themed items from benches to lighting. Aruba Cafe, set a few steps from the Pier, seems to be a popular destination. With its wide selection of seafood items and mixed cocktails, it draws in a lot of locals and tourists alike. I spent a solid couple of hours on their patio enjoying the sun, people-watching, and splurging on a Cold Seafood Sampler Platter. Worth every penny.

Sea Watch On the Ocean

As a couple sitting next to me at a bar the night before called it, this restaurant is a “real fancy place”. Open for dinner and lunch it feels a bit like a private club. The restaurant is quite beautiful in the traditional upscale way. There is a well it enclosed patio, surrounded by oversized tropical plants from the outside. You can catch a glimpse of the water through the shade of the plants. The staff is friendly and the menu is fantastic. There are cold water oysters, fresh crab and lobster, and every other staple seafood dish you might be in the mood for.

A quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale by the Sea, Sea Watch On the Ocean restaurant nestled behind palms
A quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale by the Sea, people on the beach


An area is a popular place for turtles to nest so the beach gets really dark at night. With the sand being at a bearable temperature after sunset this is a perfect environment to lie down and look up at the starry sky. Call me corny but it’s a great way to end the day.

Note: August sun in Florida is not kind, you will need sunblock. Let’s just say I went from eggshell white to a trendy burgundy in less than 4 hours, with SPF on and all. In the sun’s defense, I did fall asleep on my belly in the peak afternoon sun.

In the gear bag: Lumix GX8* Digital Camera with a LUMIX G Lens, 25mm*. To see this getaway on Instagram look up #xofl17.

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