Gifted items

Where I have received merchandise from a company, I make that clear in the copy of the post or in the outfit details by marking it with an asterisk ( * ). While I attempt to make this as clear as possible on my social media channels, the abbreviated nature of a medium may impact my ability to do so.

Sponsored content 

On occasion I may accept sponsored content which means that I am financially compensated to publish a campaign or an article. Where I have received monetary compensation in return for promotion I disclose that the post was sponsored in the body of the post or mark is as ( Ad ) and #Ad or #Sponsored on social media. 


It is important to note that I only speak about products/companies that I genuinely like and chose to feature them at my own discretion. I also don’t engage into partnerships until I’ve tried the product to make sure that I can authentically promote it. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Affiliate links

This blog post uses affiliate links. When you buy through our links, I might earn money from the affiliate partners (such as Amazon or more niche brands). The links or products used don’t cost you the buyer any more than they normally would, the commission I might earn is paid out directly by the retailer. These links are denoted with an asterisk ( * ).

Individual disclosures 

Each individual article or social media post will also contain a relevant disclosure note.

Image Credits

All photos (unless otherwise specified) are my own. If you are interested in using the images for your blog or social media please credit in the caption/as an image tag and/or link back to or my Instagram account. If you are interested in using the images for a publication or other professional purposes please contact me first.