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A weekend in the Finger Lakes

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Canada and the US share a thin border, within a few short hours you can get from one city center to another and I’m not just talking about Buffalo. Another hour on the road and you’ll hit Rochester, a place where architecture spans from colonial mansions to post-industrial factories turned whiskey bars, breweries, and art galleries. But that’s not all that Upstate New York has to offer – another half hour out of the city and you’ll find yourself in wine country stretching across multiple quaint towns where culture and community-run as deep are the never-ending supply of fresh brews and wines.

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Visiting Upstate in the fall is a special experience, by mid-October fall takes hold of the scenery turning it into hundreds of warm shades from green to blushing orange. Here they call it “Leaf peeping” – an actual hobby, and for some, a job that consists of keeping track of turning foliage, reports of which you can see on the morning news.

But watching leaves turn is not why I took the train to Finger Lakes, my weekend adventure was focused on the wine route and all that came with it from Rieslings and steak to cider, odd museums, and the place where Mark Twain met the love of his life.

The tourism in the region is collaborative across the counties, naturally referred to as the Cross Border Showcase. To say that there is a lot to do is an understatement but one can only do so much in three days so this adventure took me to three of the bigger towns in the Finger Lakes: Hammondsport, Corning, and Ithaca. Let’s look at them one day at a time.

Day 1: Hammondsport, NY
Day 2: Corning, NY
Day 3: Ithaca, NY

To see the adventure through Instagram look up #XOFingerLakes.

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