Paths to Travel is a digital travel publication created by Kateryna Topol, a Toronto-based writer, photographer, and content creator. It is a platform for urban dwellers and adventurers, people looking to escape their daily routine to see new places, take in new cultures, be active in the wild, wine and dine the world’s cuisine, or relax in the quiet of a luxury spa. The stories written are meant to capture explorations of all shapes and sizes, from a weekend drive to a nearby town to a multi-week immersive cultural experience.

Working as a Design Director in emerging tech by day and as a Quip Magazine music journalist in parallel (a publication that she founded), Kateryna brings a unique perspective to her adventures, always searching for soundbites and tasting notes through a lens of a multidisciplinary creative.

She is a member of the International Travel Alliance, Travel Massive International, TravMedia, and the Wanderful Community. Kateryna is always looking for new opportunities to explore and collaborate.

For collaborations, advertising, press trips, features, or custom photography please contact me directly.

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