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Condor is on a mission to become your favourite European getaway airline

When visiting condor.com you will notice a tagline in your browser tab: “Cheap flights to your dream destinations”. Whether or not they are cheap, or comparatively cheaper than other airlines is to be determined later in this post but one thing we know for sure: Germany’s most popular leisure airline is on a mission to become your favourite airline for a European adventure.

The other day a group of media representatives gathered at Pearson Airport for a celebration: the introduction of A330neo, “one of the most sustainable aircraft in the skies”. A plethora of engineering innovations allows this particular aircraft to cut down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an impressive 20%. When it comes to your personal contributions, A330Neo consumes just about half a gallon of fuel per passenger per 62 miles flown (that’s less than half of the spend by an average car for the same distance).

The Condor team designed the Neo interior from scratch, adding leg space, carving out larger entertainment displays, and adding footrests. One of my favourite small touches is the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use your own headsets when in flight.

But the true jewel of this aircraft is its fresh take on Business Class. Neo houses 30 Business Class seats with a 1/2/1 configuration which means each seat has direct aisle access. Naturally, all Business Class seats convert to fully-lie-flat beds and the very front row seats have enough space for you two to dine face-to-face with your travel companion in comfort. These seats look cozy, with plenty of space to spread your reading materials and snack. Which, by the way, you get more of at this level: 2 gourmet menu items, a snack on daytime flights, and a personal snack basket.

Key facts:

  • Condor offers 5 weekly flights to Frankfurt with connections to over 100 destinations.
  • Premium Economy offers 35″ of leg space and a greater backrest angle.
  • Moodlighting through the cabin can be adjusted individually to suit the time of day.
  • By 2023 all of Condor long-haul flights will be A330Neo.
  • At this time, Condor flights are not daily so you might need to adjust your schedule by a day or two.

But is it actually more affordable?

To test out the pricing I looked for a flight to Frankfurt, October 11-18th, on Condor, AirCanada, and Lufthansa directly. All fare prices are the lowest option in the category (ie. if there are 3 levels of economy price listed is the lowest possible). It is also worth noting that in some instances 2nd tier of economy has checked bags included.

ClassBaggage & ExtrasPrice CAD
Economy LightCharged per kg, first 20kg is free, +5kg is $50 USD & up
(more info here), 1 meal + snack, no refunds or changes
Premium Economy Lowest32kg baggage x 1, priority boarding + check-in, fast lane security, rebooking for a fee, seat width same as economy, 2 gourmet meals + snack$1249.98
Business Class Lowest32kg baggage x 2, all of the above + lounge access, lie-flat seat, 2 gourmet meals + own snack basket$2619.98
Air Canada
Economy BasicChecked bag $75, no refund, changes, or upgrades, 1 meal + snack $1109.46
Premium Economy LowestFree checked bag x2, refunds & changes for a fee, priority check-in, wider seats, premium meal + snack$2802.46
Business Class LowestFree checked bag x2, refundable, priority check-in, lie-flat seats, gourmet meal + snack, lounge access, separate entry gate if flying from YYZ$7727.46
Economy LightChecked bag $75, no changes or refunds, meal + snack$1,687.46
Premium Economy Basic Plus32kg baggage x 2, refund + rebooking for a fee, wider seats, premium meal + snack$2,802.46
Business Class Lowest32kg baggage x 2, priority boarding, lounge access, lie-flat seats, premium meal + snack$7,727.46

So I suppose the short answer is yes, yes it is. There are a few convenience differences per level, like the size of the seat, and a few differences in baggage fees but overall fair superiority is particularly visible on Condor flights.

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  1. Looks like a great option to consider. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Definitely will be looking at this Airline as an alternative for my next year Europe trips, what a deal wow!

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