Burbank California is a city in the greater Los Angeles Area, known for being home to some of the biggest studios in LA (Disney, NBC, Universal). Here, minutes away from Hollywood, is located Hotel Amarano, a lovely boutique hotel boasting Hollywood history. The area happens to be one of the safer, walkable neighbourhoods in Los Angeles. Here you will see fewer tourists, and a great selection of restaurants, bars, bakeries, and vintage shops. You will be dining and living next to moviemakers and might even spot a celebrity or two. Burbank also happens to be, ten minutes away from the Hollywood sign (driving, of course, it is still LA). 

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The Vibe & Shared Spaces 

Hotel Amarano Burbank-Hollywood occupies a rather small plot of land in a tightly populated residential neighbourhood. The decor is inspired by “the glamour and spirit of Old Hollywood” collectibles of which can be spotted all throughout the property and in the rooms. Many of the decor pieces are actual movie props, from old and new movies alike. The artwork reflects this theme with various old film frames and behind-the-scenes images curated into small gallery walls in the suites. 

The property is shaped around a courtyard with a pool, and rooms looking out at the water reflecting the bright California sun. The courtyard is densely populated with tropical plants, including some hard-to-spot blue birds of paradise. As you navigate from this space, from the jacuzzi and sitting area, past the pool and tanning beds, you will end your exploration in a comfortable shaded rest area. 

The interior common areas are a bar/restaurant, better known as FYC Bar + Kitchen. It is not your typical dining room but a rather casual hangout spot with a small enclosed terrace. In addition to the lovely on-site restaurant (which does offer room service), the guests can also easily make their way to the many restaurants and cocktail bars in Downtown Burbank.

In the inner belly of the hotel is a fitness center. Opened 24/7 the gym has a good selection of equipment and weights, water, towels, and fresh apples. 

Note: Valet parking is complimentary. 

Inside the Suite 

The standard rooms referred to as “Superior,” are all King. The decor is luxuriously modern with dashes of vintage and a lovely selection of art. I particularly like the dark wall colour creating contrast with the bright bed frame. The terrace (or balcony) is comfortably furnished. Here you can bask in the sun with a drink or read a back as the sun sets over the pool.

In addition to the standard Superior rooms Hotel Amarano* also has a handful of suites. All suites have a kitchenette, sofa bed, and a walk-in closet. The Superior One Bedroom has a dining table while the Chairman Suite has a private rooftop terrace, you can see it from the front of the building. With multiple filming studios nearby many people reside at Amarano for a prolonged period of time. Rumour has it one of them lived here for a full year! 

Hotel Amarano, Hollywood

Travel tip: Avoid mobile charges by pre-paying for an Airalo eSIM*. The SIM gets downloaded directly to your phone and can be toggled on and off with ease in settings. This service provides internet access, no phone service.

Dining & Entertainment 

FYC in the FYC Bar + Kitchen is a shorthand spelling out “For Your Consideration”. It is meant to be a gathering place where you can enjoy the spotlight or find a shade of anonymity. The outdoor terrace has a small number of tables, cheerfully tiled, and a fire pit sitting area. On a cool night, the staff will create comfort by turning on the headlamps.

During this visit to LA, we had the pleasure of being joined for dinner by two local friends. Having additional people certainly allowed us to try a larger selection of the dishes and I will be first to say, they are all hearty, generous, and delicious. The menu features many of the local favourites like Tuna Tartare (Yum!) and Roasted Brussels Sprouts. Sweet Potato Bravas (served with a side of avo) were the group’s favourite. The bravas were joined by the Crispy Jumbo Shrimp and a delicately fired NY Strip. On the beverage list are classic cocktails, local craft beers, and a tight selection of wines, many of which are also local.

In the morning the guests can enjoy a continental breakfast in the lounge or preorder room service. I opted for the latter, indulging in a hearty Egg Frittata in the comfort of my own room.

Hotel Amarano, a boutique hotel with a rich Hollywood history: room service breakfast
Breakfast Frittata with mushrooms, cheese, and tomatoes.

Hotel Amarano Burbank-Hollywood
Room starting at $299 USD per Superior King Room
322 N Pass Ave, Burbank, CA 91505, United States
Book directly on hotelamarano.com or your favourite booking website: Booking.com* | Expedia* | TripAdvisor* | Hotels.com*

In the gear bag: In the gear bag: Fujifilm X-T100 with a Fuji XF50mmF2 R WR and XF 23mm f/2 R WR lenses. To see the trip on Instagram find a “California 🌴” highlight on my feed  @katerryna.

Hotel Amarano, a boutique hotel with a rich Hollywood history

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  1. What a gorgeous hotel this is. And so close to the things you want to see and do in LA. I will put it on my list of preferred places to stay for my next LA trip.

  2. Love the decor and convenience, and those photos – wow!

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