Hotel Baía da Barca, a place to stay on Pico Island, Azores

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Pico is one of the bigger islands in the Azores cluster and one you would definitely need to stay in for a few days. The island is located between Faial and Sao Jorge islands both of which you can see on a clear day from various points of Pico.

The hotel stay was sponsored by Baía da Barca, which did not review or approve the story.
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Hotel Baía da Barca* is located just outside of Madalena and from there. In addition to the vast ocean, on a clear day, you can see not only Faial Island but Mount Pico, sometimes both from the same room. It is one of the newer hotels in the area and one that promotes sustainable tourism. The location is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and quite far from other hotels. This distance makes for a very peaceful place where you can observe nature from all points.

The rooms are spacious with all standard amenities, as well as cable TV and a strong WiFi connection – a rarity in the Azores. Our room was on the second floor with a view of Mount Pico from the kitchenette and bedroom and Faial Island from the living room. And yes, those are all separate spaces. There is a pool, a restaurant, and a sauna on the grounds so you can decompress after a full day of exploration.

Our last night at Baía* was a stormy one so we stayed in watching TV and had a wonderfully blissful sleep waking up to a sunny day and one of the most amazing views.

Address: Lugar da Barca 9950-303 Madalena do Pico, Açores.

Pico Azores, Portugal

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