Let’s talk about a sort of an upside to what we have been (and still are) going through. We get to see a lot more of the province that we otherwise often swap for an abroad destination. For me, the majority of this exploration has been driven by AirBnB – I would pick a nice spot that’s not too far from home and build an adventure around it. In this manner, I was able to see more of PEC, Plympton-Wyoming, and the nearby towns, and most recently Dundas, Ontario. 

Experience the charm of West Avenue Cider cottage near Hamilton - view of the cottage
Front of the cottage
Experience the charm of West Avenue Cider cottage near Hamilton: view of the living toom with a leather couch, chair and a coffee table
Living room, the blue cupboard had quite a few games in it.

About the cottage & Property

This latest adventure was booked in April when I had a moment of panic that when the summer finally comes everything will be booked (it seems I was right). We booked the Somerset Cottage at West Avenue Cider House hoping that by the time June comes around, we will be finally allowed to see friends. Luckily we were. 

The house is located to the side of the cider house and on the outskirt of the Somerset farm. It is a simple yet stunning piece of architecture. All three bedrooms (king master and two queens) are well-lit, thoughtfully decorated, and a pleasure to sleep in. The shared space includes a communal couch area, dining table plus an open kitchen and we all know the best party is always in the kitchen 😎. 

Note: The kitchen is more like a kitchenette with a small bar fridge and only two stove burners but there is a BBQ.  

Experience the charm of West Avenue Cider cottage near Hamilton: dining area with mixed wooden and plastic shares

Living room French doors open wide on the back patio where you can enjoy locally made cider while relaxing at a picnic table, overlooking the orchard, and basking in the sun. This is where the apples are grown. It is where the cider is made, and where you can also buy a wide variety of local produce for your backyard charcuterie needs. 

The property is noticeably vast with apple trees rolling into the distance. Behind the cider house is a field with picnic tables for day visitors of the cider hour. There is also a small-ish farm with chickens and 4-horned sheep. A slow walk through the farm fields is a joy one could never get in the city. I could’ve stood there listening to sheep speak for hours. The light was also magical. I had a blissful time walking around the property with a glass of crisp cold cider, taking photos.

What to do nearby

Dundas is a small and lovely town with a range of cute shops and restaurants. Nearby are also Royal Botanical Gardens (RGB) – a large environmental protection area and cultural gardens spread across multiple sites. A friend and I spent a few hours slowly exploring the lake, following a deer and crossing paths with chipmunks. It’s a beautiful area with a very impressive range of biodiversity. I am looking forward to coming back here and exploring more.

For a day adventure, you could drive out to the town of Dundas for lunch or venture out to Hamilton.

Royal Botanical Gardens  Hamilton

In the gear bag: Fujifilm X-T100 with an XF50mmF2 R WR lens.

Experience the charm of West Avenue Cider cottage near Hamilton

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  1. What a lovely place to base yourself to explore the surrounding area.

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