To appreciate this hotel to its fullest we need to first understand its location. Set the scene: In the historic heart of Naples is a wide open public square called Piazza Dante, named after the infamous statue at the centre of it honouring the poet Dante Alighieri.  This vibrant public square is surrounded by historic monuments that house many restaurants in their footsteps. On the far left corner of the plaza is Palazzo Rinuccini, an 18th-century historical palace sharing a wall with the stunning 17th-century city gate called Port’Alba. 

Inside the rather humble-looking Palazzo Rinuccini (compared to its architectural neighbours) is the Rinuccini Relais Hotel. Set deep into the palace, behind a giant door, through a courtyard, up the wide open steps, and through yet another heavy door this boutique hotel has just a few rooms and a shared breakfast space. Each room has a scenic view and even the windows in the courtyard have a view on an art wall. 

Piazza Dante is the beating heart of Naples’ old town. It contains the essence of the city: every single corner of the square is full of stories, myths, and legends. It is a place teeming with life, without distinction between day and night, between holidays and working days.

Rinuccini Relais Hotel

Note on getting here: There are plenty of taxis in Naples, especially near the square. They quite beat up and they prefer cash but if you’d like to be a bit more comfortable the hotel can arrange airport transpiration ahead of time for the same cost. 

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Stay in the historic heart of Naples at the Rinuccini Relais Hotel

The Vibe & Shared Spaces 

Upon entry, you immediately see a royal blue reception area, art on the shelves, windows into the courtyard, and a friendly face ready to check you in. Down a decorative, bright hall are a few rooms and a row of windows on the right. These windows look into the courtyard below and another hallway across. This other hallway (across) showcases a few different pieces of art, making it, in a manner, a private art gallery for the hotel.

This property includes breakfast. You can order it the night before into the room or join other guests in the mezzanine dining room where a lovely lady will make you a fresh omelette on request (in addition to a buffet selection of foods). 

Note: The reception team does not work overnight so if you need to check in or out extra late or extra early you will need to arrange it with them ahead of time. 

Rinuccini Relais Hotel
All these images were taken from our balconies. The views are breathtaking in every direction. Below on the right is the abovementioned Dante Alighieri statue, small in comparison to the majesty of its surrounding architecture.

Inside the Suite 

The decor in every suite is a stunning example of what Naples brings to the table: rich history, art, and culture.  Each room is unique, equipped with the necessary basics, comfortable beds, and a smart TV. Some of the rooms have small balconies, others have Juliettes. We stayed in Deluxe “Porta Nolana,” a corner suite with one of each and an impressive view of the neighbourhood. 

From these windows, you can see far into the distance, up into the hills, down the streets, across Dante Square and even into Port’Alba. From the early mornings, a line of book vendors begins at the footsteps of the Palace and all the way through the city gate. “We like to read here,” pointed out our food guide walking through this alley. 

Every morning I would open the balcony doors and watch the energetic life in the plaza. From the morning book traffic and visitor tours to the families dining in the restaurants while their children frolic in the square late into the evening. The streets do get loud but the windows are triple-glazed to minimize the noise. Coupled with the blackout blinds you are well prepared for a good night’s rest after a day out in the city.

Note: If you prefer to explore on your own but do appreciate some background try Sherpa GPS-guided tours, I quite enjoyed it. 

Stay in the historic heart of Naples at the Rinuccini Relais Hotel: bedroom

Rinuccini Relais
Rooms starting at €108 for an economy room Dante, 22, 80135 Napoli NA, Italy
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  1. Such a beautiful hotel. I’d love to start my day with a cup of tea overlooking the plaza! The price is also great for the location and view.

  2. I have only passed through Naples. I didn’t realize what lovely hotels were there. Next trip for sure!

    1. It is a beautiful and vibrant city, hope you get to visit 🙂

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