The other day before a group fitness session a friend was talking about how cool it would be to have wellness videos on long-haul flights. You know, the flights you sit on for a long, long time (feels like forever), with very little motion. Likely unable to sleep. That sentiment really stuck with me. How cool it would be to have meditation and a short list of exercises to do in flight while sitting.

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Alas, it is not a thing yet, at least on the flights I’ve been on. But it is not impossible if you have a phone. So here I’ve compiled a short playlist of Alo Moves* videos to help you rest, sleep, and stay “mobile” while flying. Of course, all those things must be performed without disturbing your neighbor so I watched all of these personally to make sure that elbow room is not required :).

The playlist includes videos for relaxing, falling asleep, easy seated stretches, and ends with mini yoga stretches you can do in your hotel room on arrival and even a short video for jetlag (a bigger piece on jetlag is also in this article). All videos can be downloaded to your device and there is a free 14-day trial* you can take advantage of :). Pay attention to the duration of each video and pick those that suit you best.

In regards to stretches, those are of course a bit trickier but there is a nice article on Esquire that has the main 5 you can do in your seat.

Find the Alove Moves playlist here* and let me know how it went in the comments 🙂

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  1. I have such a hard time getting rest on the plane, really makes it difficult to kickstart the trip on arrival. So these are some very helpful ideas I will need to try!

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