Staying in Amsterdam has a lot of perks and one of biggest is easy access to the train system that can take you anywhere, including the beach – yes there is a beach!

Bloemendaal aan Zee is a seaside resort neighbourhood in North Holland which you can get to in less than an hour from Amsterdam central train station. For a full day trip I would recommend a short stopover in Haarlem for some sightseeing, lunch, and shopping. From here you can take a short bus ride directly to the beach. Though if the weather is good you can easily spend a day in each location.

During our visit in November the beach was mostly occupied by the locals. The bars and pavilions are sparsely filled and the mood is generally very laid back. In the summer, according to the Holland tourism team, Bloemendaal becomes a major party destination: “Bloemendaal aan Zee is the Dutch answer to Ibiza”.

Just off to the side from the boardwalk is a large beach pavilion called Sab Blas, a large casual cafe and bar, decorated with reclaimed furnishings with a stunning view on the beach and birds chirping under the roof.

Out near the water the growth of sea foam looks like clouds resting on the sand, at a distance you can see people surfing while families dressed in semi-matching rain coats are building sandcastles in the cold sand and  flying kites. After a lengthy walk we set down at Strandpaviljoen Thalassa for a snack and Dutch beers while watching the sunset from the patio. All in all a wonderful way to spend the day.

Tip: This is still Holland and the rain loves Holland so a proper raincoat will forever be your favourite accessory during the visit.

To see the trip on Instagram look up #xoAmsterdam19 or find the story highlight on my profile.

In the gear bag:  Fujifilm X-T100 with an XF50mmF2 R WR lens; vertical photos were taken on an iPhone X.

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