My most vivid memory of visiting Champagne is watching the sun descend over glistening vineyards from the comfort of a barrel tub while enjoying a glass of cold champagne from a nearby vineyard. I have never felt this close to history, or this glamour in a tub

Champagne is a well-recognized region when it comes to travel. It is home to the world’s favourite golden liquid and a place of romantic luxury. The wealth of history that can be found in this region is absolutely astonishing, especially because champagne-making is close to its core. There is much to be said on this topic and much of it is about the impressive innovations of Madame Clicquot but that story is for another time. 

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There are many fantastic hotels* in the Champagne region*. During our visit, my sister and I were adamant about having at least one night at a unique location. Somewhere close to the roots, surrounded by vines. I wanted to smell the grapes and see the sun sink into the sparkling green leaves. Château de Sacy*, just outside of Reims, turned out to be exactly that.

This Michelin Guide luxury hotel selection property is located in the small commune of Sacy. It is completely surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see. This carefully restored old chateau with a fantastic kitchen, stunning decor, and a unique wellness center. The historical charm is prominent throughout the property. The large windows are accented with heavy heavy curtains, and brightly coloured velvet furniture is just as Marie-Antoinette would’ve ordered. Various paintings are scattered between floors. 

The Dining

The first-floor restaurant offers a 360 ° view of the surrounding vineyards (with a patio) and as such is a very popular spot for the nearby locals and visitors alike. Executive Chef Flora Mikula focuses on local quality products plated in the most elegant and appetizing ways. This is French cuisine at its best. One floor up is the bar with equally phenomenal views and even cozier decor. If you opted in for breakfast (which I strongly recommend) it will be served in the bar lounge, spread across a harvest table with multiple levels of cheese, bread, and other artisanal goodies.

The Rooms

There are 12 rooms in the chateau. Each room is uniquely decorated with a mix of contemporary furniture and antiques. Our accommodations were all about sparkling glamour, from mirrors to lighting, to the soaker tub (sans shower). Upon arrival, there were sweets on the table along with a lovely welcome message. What took my breath away immediately was the vineyard window view. Waking up in the morning your eyes will catch the sun rising above the green bushes, casting golden flairs across the room. A wonderful way to begin a new day of adventures. 


One of my favourite perks of this property is the Norwegian barrel baths. Set on the side of the chateau the tubs offer a breathtaking panoramic view of Reims Mountain and the nearby village. Included in the hotel cost the bath experience also comes with “table-side” service (at cost). As soon as we settled into the warm water a hotel associate offered us some cold champagne to enjoy in the tub. The outdoor area is also outfitted with sunbathing beds. The indoor space, on the other hand, has a sauna and two treatment rooms. There is also a very cool-looking manual mini-gym. 

Château de Sacy, rates starting at $350
Address: Rue des Croisettes Sacy, 51500 France

In the gear bag: Fujifilm X-T100 with an XF50mmF2 R WR lens. To see the trip on Instagram lookup #xoParis19.

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  1. What a gorgeous and unique place to stay! That would make for a wonderful date night… NO KIDS!!

    1. Absolutely! I’m hoping to come back one day

  2. Bucket list destination for sure!

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