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I debated compiling this list, wondering who might be interested, for some time. But having answered quite a few questions on the the topic over the last few months I realized that good tools are hard to find and require a lot of research and decided that sharing what lives in my carryon may be of value to other people.

This travel kit, so to say, is a wide range of tools that support me working remotely, facilitate all the wanted and required photography, and help me survive music festivals which I frequent as a journalist. And since I tend to put quite a lot of effort researching my purchases this list is only my favourite, most trusted products.

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paths to travel blog

Camera FUJI X-T100: I switched to this smaller, mirrorless camera a couple of years ago after using a Canon DSLR for a decade. There was a lot of research involved in choosing it, looking specifically for something small, with full manual capability, video recording, and good battery life. Now I absolutely love this camera: it is compact so I can carry a fairly small purse and the quality of photography is stunning (the manual and program settings do a lot of the effort if you are hesitant to use manual settings). The screen opens and tilts which is really helpful when trying to get a different perspective or gain heigh. The last couple of years of photos are on this camera if you’d like to see it at work (for example Florida and Roadtrip). A great bonus with this camera is that it pairs with a mobile app so you can pick up and share photos via WiFi while you’re on the road.

Fuji XF50mm F2 R WR lens: I fell in love with a 50mm lens a long time ago, yes you can’t always get the full view into the frame but the depth of field and clarity that 50mm lens offers is one for the books. Because I tend to shoot a lot of concerts which means the light is uncontrollable and the subjects are moving fast I had to make sure the lens could handle that kind of environment and this one does that really well (examples here). The low light capability also means you can get some nice night time shots, like this Eiffel Tower photo or streets in Cartagena here.

Polaroid lens filters: Because you need to protect your lens and it’s always nice to have a polarizer for the outdoor shots. This specific kit comes with a nylon carry case, multi-coated UV filter, Fluorescent, Circular polarizer, and warming filters.

GETIHU Portable Charger: This is a lifesaver! It’s about the same size as the iPhone and quite thin and now when I travel I go nowhere without it. Mine came with a surprise reading light in the box, which was a great free add-on. For $20 it is worth every dollar.

Apple devicesiPhone, iPad for in-flight entertainment and journaling, MacBook Pro for work, USB converter to connect the camera.

iPad ProCase: to protect the precious piece of equipment, paired with HOMIEE Felt Sleeve (top image) which comes with a small felt bag perfect for all the cables and converters. This case fits anything up to a 13” MacBook.

Let’s not forget an iPhone case: mine is a Pela Case* – a Canadian startup that creates fully biodegradable phone cases from ocean trash. They’re quite cute, offer good protection, come in different colours, and sometimes have lovely pattern designs.

tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve: Because my, and likely your entire life is on this computer. For the business trips and meetings I also have a, let’s call it “fashion laptop case” from Glass Ladder & Co, called The Megan. This case is made from vegan leather, has 8 pockets and 3 cardholder slots – stylish and functional.

Glass Ladder & Co Passport holder: Mine came with a CauseBox subscription and I absolutely love it. There is enough room for cash, a few cards and it looks very stylish.

Vibes acoustic filter earplugs: My travels take me to a lot of loud places and crowded photofits very close to very large speakers so earplugs are essential. These Vibes are high fidelity decibel reducing and also serve as hearing protection for tinnitus and autism sensory processing disorders. The kit comes with different size caps and a handy little carrying case.

The Hustle Backpack*: A Kickstarter invention with neatly and carefully organized pockets (some secret), a built-in laptop sleeve, and a solar power battery. What I like about this backpack is that it is minimal in design, compact, and solid which makes me feel comfortable with all the gear being stacked in it while traveling. The company, Solgaard, is very eco friendly and remove 5lbs of ocean plastic for every purchase.

Solarbank Boombox*: It is a Solgaard charger and a speaker that you can charge through an outlet or by leaving it out in the sun while using it, which I think is super cool. I do also quite like the design of it and my friends now joke that I carry my own soundtrack around the cottage.

paths to travel blog

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