One thing that has become a much more regular practice for me over the last couple of years is getting out of town, even if just for 2-3 nights. Ontario has a lot to offer, even more so now with many people leaving in pursuit of a calmer lifestyle, more affordable housing, and opportunities to make their passion a reality (microbreweries and distilleries have been popular traditional startups). 

These random weekends have taken us to many interesting regions that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, more often than not these discoveries are driven by AirBNB locations. For this particular weekend getaway, my family and I ended up in Selkirk, a small community surrounding Selkirk Provincial Park

The park is not very large but has a nice range of activities: a beach, scenic boardwalk over a green marsh, and plenty of camping areas. There is not much in the area when it comes to amenities either and most restaurants you will need to drive to but we came here for the peace and calm and that’s exactly what we found. That being said, between the burger shops and the fish and chip spots, there are a few gems worth a visit for a fresh cold beer or farm-fed steak. 

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Selkirk Provincial Park, Wheeler’s Walk Trail

There are a few trails available, all quite simple and easily accessible on foot if you are staying nearby. The boardwalk offers spectacular views of the water, overgrown with river plants, dotted with frogs, and small birds hovering over the greenery.

Find trail information here

Greenery closeup at the Selkirk Provincial Park, Wheeler's Walk Trail
Postcards from Selkirk: areal view a boardwalk

Wishbone brewing

A new microbrewery in Norfolk County, not too far from Selkirk. Located near a park in a building that used to be Dominion Telephone Company but is now a solid hangout spot for friends and families alike. Live entertainment and flights are all on the menu, and so are delicious pretzels. 


Postcards from Selkirk: pretzel at the Wishbone brewing

Big Pete’s Steakhouse

A fine dining spot located on the premises of the MontHill Golf and Country Club. It is a grand place, with a grand entrance, lovely windows views overlooking the wavy golf paths, and a majestic fireplace emitting just the right amount of heat. The food is meat and potatoes, but mostly meat, which is exactly what you would come here for.


Hewitt’s Dairy Bar

We drove by this location multiple times. The interior is worn out, highlighted by the “Dairy Bar” sign, interesting just enough to pique your interest. This is a classic diner that has been in operation since 1964 and is still very much a happening spot. Here, as expected you will find ice cream (60 flavours or so), and all of your staple diner menu needs at reasonable prices. 

Website: Hewitt’s Dairy Bar

In the gear bag: Fujifilm* X-T100 with an XF50mmF2 R WR lens plus a DJI Mavic Mini* drone.

Postcards from Selkirk: Selkirk Provincial Park

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