It is once again time to start thinking about gifts. And while you are thinking about gifts, perhaps also think about what you’d like to gift yourself, because it has been a hard year (ahem, two years) and maybe you deserve a treat.

I’ve been working on this gift guide for a long time, some companies were on the list for a long time, some I just spotted last week and was like “Oh yeah, that’s the one”. The companies listed here (in themed + alphabetical order) are almost exclusively Canadian – the one that’s not is a unique offer and supports a range of Canadian businesses as well.

If you have any other great businesses you’d like to share add them in the comment section! I would also love to know which of these ideas you might be most excited about :).

Disclaimer: Some items were gifted, some I bought and went like “damn, I like that,” and some were sponsored, but I got a chance to try most of the products and only shared those that I genuinely like. This blog post uses affiliate links denoted by ( * ). Read the disclaimer about affiliate links & PR gifting here

Gift boxes

Nibble Cheese

A Montréal-based company that curates cheese boxes you can gift or use to host gatherings. Nibble’s mission is “to help Canadians explore the wonderful world of cheese”. Some boxes come with cheese accessories, crisps, jams, and so on, others are just cheese so you can pick whatever suits your fancy and budget best.  

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $58 – $195 for boxes 
Sustainability notes: Small Canadian company, hand-picked and curated boxes, working with local farmers. 
Shipping: Currently they only deliver across Ontario and Québec; Delivery is $10 for under $75, free over that amount 


The main feature of SΛM & LΛNCE is their curated quarterly subscription box featuring women-owned small businesses but they also have a wide range of single-purchase gift boxes for all kinds of occasions. The company is on the mission to empower people and reduce environmental impact by promoting ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured goods. So what’s in the box, you might ask, lots of cool things! The boxes are curated by occasions (Housewarming, Happy Holidays) and themes (Zero Waste Starter, Warm & Cozy), and in them, you will find things you can wear, eat, drink, journal in, care for your skin with, put on your new baby, drink out of, and so on and so on. For example, there is a box called Support Local Toronto which has a box of tea, candle tin, bath salts, face mask, journal, and lip balm (this one is in the photos). Very cool concept.

Who to gift: Anyone
Price range: $23 to $141, you can also build your own box.
Sustainability notes: Recycled and recyclable boxes, sustainable and ethically sourced gifts; 5% of every purchase goes towards charities that empower women (ie. donate period kits) and help the planet (ie. plant trees).
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $100

SΛM & LΛNCE “Support Local Toronto” gift box.


This can be a physical box or an email voucher but the main premise is that you gift an experience, and not just one – you gift a plethora of possibilities the recipient can cash in any time, almost anywhere around the world. The experiences are very cool and range from hotel stays to hot air balloon rides and many things in between. If you follow me on social you would’ve seen this box on my feed a few times, so far my Tinggly* experiences include a helicopter fly over Toronto, a Nordic spa day, and a memorable food tour in Paris. That the money you put into this gift box will also make its way to the tour operator in whichever country they are in so that just might be your nearby tour guide neighbor. 

Who to gift: Anyone
Price range: Boxes start at $59
Sustainability notes: All physical packages are sustainably made using recycled and recyclable materials and for each purchase, Tinggly promises to remove 11 lbs (5kg) of polluting plastics from oceans, rivers, and lakes.
Shipping: If you chose the physical box it is an additional $10*
Pick up location: NA, but there is a digital option

Clothing & Accessories

Assinewe Jewelry

Clay and bead jewelry made by Edie and Jacquelyn Assinewe, twin sisters born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, members of Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation. Edie Assinewe crafts the beaded jewelry and Jacquelyn creates all the clay pieces. I’ve purchased a couple of earrings earlier this year and liked them so much I ordered another pair last month (the one in the photos).

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $25 – $275
Sustainability & ethical notes: Women and indigenous-owned, handcrafted in Toronto. 
Shipping: Standard Canada Post rates 
Pick-up location: Pick-up is available at 3280 Bloor St W (Islington TTC Station/Bloor Islington Place).

Arturo Denim Co.

Edmonton-based denim shop focusing on Canadian-manufactured, altered-in-house jeans. Friends and family co-owned businesses that workshop the quality of their jeans by wearing them and iterating on the patterns as needed. After testing 200 pairs of jeans between them the owner trio landed on a couple of styles that you can now buy online or in-store. They also make t-shirts, belts, and other accessories. 

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $35 – $185
Sustainability notes: Canadian-owned, manufactured in Québec and all jeans are vegan. 
Shipping: Currently offering free shipping across Canada 
Pick-up location: Flagship Store and Workshop, 10443 124 st NW Edmonton, Alberta

Lambert Bags

High-quality vegan leather bags designed in Québec and produced internationally, ethically by world experts in bags and fashion accessories. The bags are resistant and easy to maintain, many of them are also multifunctional. The bag in my photos is the Elie and can be worn in 3 different ways: off/over the shoulder, handheld, and as a backpack!  Aside from functional fashion bags and backpacks Lambert also make wallets, pouches, key holders, and other accessories. You can buy them separately or as bundles

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $15.99 – $159
Sustainability notes: Canadian-owned, vegan leather, ethically made. 
Shipping: Free on Canadian orders over $75 
Pick up location: Find a retailer new you on their site. Picking up at the Montréal store at 228 rue Saint-Jacques.


A unique line of outerwear created from 100% recycled materials. Sustainability is a huge factor for this company, one they created everything in mind with. Norden design and manufactures everything you need to get through the cold weather months from ankle-length parkas to hats and all items are marked for most suitable temperature zone (ie. zone 3 is for -25°C to -40°C).

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $29 – $595
Sustainability notes: Canadian-owned (Montréal), everything they create comes from 100% recycled and repurposed materials,  B Corp organization. 
Shipping: Free shipping on order over $100


You may have seen social ads for these miracle tights: the promise is they don’t snag or rip, in fact there are pictures of sharp kittens on them to indicate that your tights are safe from the friendly housemate. They are quite pricey but I bit the bullet and picked up a couple of pairs and guess what – they really are miracle tights and are also very comfortable and easy to put on (no more dancing on your bed, if you know, you know). They also make hair scrunchies, socks, and stockings. 

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $8 (scrunchies) – $280 (two pairs of tights), get a $20 credit with this referral link.
Sustainability notes: Ethically made in Montréal, woman-owned, needing to own fewer tights is a built-in sustainability effort plus the organization uses left-over materials to make new products like masks, headbands, scrunchies, etc. 
Shipping: Free standard shipping


Comfortable casual essentials made from sustainable materials inclusive of all body types and children. The organization is sustainable and ethical at its core and on a mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 and so for each purchase, they plant a tree. Once you get a product you can register it online and track the impact your trees are making in an interactive impact wallet – I have 40 mangroves which are equal to reforesting a small studio apartment, hehe. A couple of new things this year: the brand introduced sustainable outerwear and the concept of Climate+ which is basically a variety of fun packages to help you or your gift receiver offset their carbon footprint, you can even plant trees in DeAndre Jordan’s forest! 

Who to gift: Adults and children 
Price range: $38 to $328 (parka)
Sustainability notes: For each product purchased 10 trees are planted; all pieces are made with sustainable materials; designed in Canada and ethically made around the world. 
Shipping: Free on orders over $85
Referral code: get 20% off by following this link

Thesus Footwear

In their own words, Thesus (Toronto-based) are committed to making environmentally progressive footwear that helps you be outside. The boots, for example, are designed for optimal outdoor adventures using 100% recycled PET bottles, recycled plastic collected from oceans for the outer shell, and 45% natural rubber for the sole. All this math is to say that these boots are made with natural healing in mind. 

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $138 – $258 
Sustainability notes: All materials are natural and vegan, primarily recalled from ocean waste, 95% virgin plastic-free products, using low impact, ethical production. All employees, including those in Sri Lanka and Portugal, are paid a living wage. 
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $100 

Health & beauty gifts

B Yoga

Canadian company making yoga and fitness essentials that help bring a boutique class experience home. The product line is grippy, durable, and sustainable, made with a high-tech material originally created for carpet pads. Aside from their primary collection of wellness products they recently created a stockings stuffer shop

Who to gift: Adults 
Price range: $15 – $170
Sustainability & ethics notes: The company has a well-defined mission against racism and focuses on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team. 
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50 

True & You

The first Canadian gender-inclusive, custom clay mask made using clean, non-toxic ingredients, scent/dye-free, and customized to your individual needs through add-ons called ‘boosters’. Every custom mask includes two boosters and a base, and together they work on 3-5 major skin concerns. The company also offers hand-poured soy candles as well as what they call a “So CleanKit” – an earth-friendly alternative to disposable makeup-removing wipes, these cute pads are reusable, work with just water, and are good for up to 150 + uses.

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $10 – $65
Sustainability notes: The multi-functional masks are meant to simplify your routine by removing steps and extra products, therefore, reducing waste. The masks use minimal materials, avoid plastics in favor of biodegradable or reusable materials, locally wherever possible. The makeup remover wipes are made with organic cotton and velvet fiber. Candles are made with soybeans grown in the USA, all candles arrive in recyclable glass jars and boxes with biodegradable lids. True and You also pledged 1% of sales to two Plastic Oceans Canada and The Ocean Cleanup.  
Shipping: $9.99 on all orders, free on orders over $100 

Home gifts


A small, couple-owned business celebrating thoughtful living both indoors and out. The collection consists of homewares and wearables including throws, candles, art, bowls, scarves, hats, and other home decor. All products are made largely from natural fibers and materials designed to be used and reused in all aspects of daily living. 

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $12 to $198
Sustainability notes: The owners believe in what they call #goodsforgood, the materials are consciously sourced and ethically made. They also have a “One Pound Promise” which means they remove a pound of waste for every product sold in addition to a range of other environmental activities.
Shipping: $10 Flat rate and free shipping on orders over $150 in Canada 

Candles by Nushka

During the pandemic many people had to take on new hobbies and pivot careers, some of those ideas surfaced on my building’s community page and through it, I discovered these lovely hand-poured Candles by Nushka. As they used to say (I think): search no further than your neighbor, so here is mine! All of the designs are done by Anna P., at first she made them as a hobby for friends and family but as this side hustle grew she opened an online shop (brand new!). 

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $25-$30
Sustainability notes: All candles are handmade using non-toxic soy wax. The scents are created using natural colouring and essential oils, the wicks are hemp. Everything is done as sustainably and eco-friendly as possible including recycle paper packaging.
Shipping: Standard Canada Post
WebsiteBuy on Etsy

Martyna Czub Art

Really cute and fun original handmade art prints. Martyna’s pieces are inspired by nature and are mostly birds and small animals and come in a range of colours and sizes. She also has tea towels and aprons if art prints are not your thing. 

Who to gift: Anyone
Price range: $6 – $200 (large print)
Sustainability notes: Handmade in Canada, Martyna is also “crazy about a sustainable lifestyle”.
Shipping: $15 across Canada
Website: Buy on Etsy

My Goodies Vintage

This is a carefully curated collection of vintage home goods. The shop owner has always had an obsession with vintage goodies, as a child Madison went on many aimless drives with her father, hunting for a perfect saucer to match their 150-piece yellow rose tea set and now she does the hunting on her own, professionally. I asked Madison to tell me a bit about the shop to which she replied with: “I started this company with the hopes of bringing back not only a little nostalgia to people’s lives but a vintage flair to their home. From tea sets to coupes, they just keep getting better with age!”

Who to gift: Adults
Price range: $14 – $135 (lamp), a bit higher for furniture when it is available 
Sustainability notes: Everything is vintage 
Shipping: $15 flat rate within Canada 
Pick up location: Free pick up in-store at Ahma (1564 Queen St W)

Sloane Tea

In their own words, “Sloane’s signature line of teas and tisanes combine the finest loose leaf teas, exotic ingredients, and artisanal techniques”. All teas are sourced and blended by certified tea sommeliers through direct trade with farmers which allows them to ensure good quality and sustainability of the supply chain. For the gifting season they. Have a collection of gift options as well. 

Who to gift: Anyone
Price range: $21.95 and up, but there is a selection of samples and single tea packages 
Sustainability notes: Canadian, working directly with the farmers. 
Shipping: $10 and up depending on location, free on orders over $45 

See the 2020 Gift Guide here for more gifting ideas. 

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